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Why Your Construction Site Should Get Termite Treatment Ahead of Time

In Southeast Arizona, the last thing you want at your construction site is your house or office to be infested with termites. We can't get rid of termites without also having to worry about ants, spiders and other types of pests. 

However, it’s important to get termite treatment ahead of time, in case of an outbreak. Here at Team Yuma Pest, we know exactly why your construction site should get termite treatment ahead of time. Let’s take a look at why treating the construction site is a great idea. 

Always Get Termite Treatment at Your Construction Site

There are a few reasons why: 

  • Termites can move from an area without termite treatments, which is why you want to make sure that they don’t move into your construction site.
  • It’s important to avoid these problems if you have them because you don’t want the termites to move into your house or into your construction site.
  • Your water drainage system needs to be top notch and treated. If not, the termites can take up residence inside and cause more problems. 
  • If you want to save time, you can get your house and your construction site treated separately. Termite treatments can vary depending on the type of termites.

Whenever you have a large group of people building a home or constructing a new building, the dirt beneath your property is going to be left behind. This soil buildup is an ideal place for termites to develop their colonies. 

In dry areas like the Southeast Arizona area, this happens all the time. That is why it’s important to get termite treatment on the land your construction site is on, in order to help prevent infestations. 

Termites feed on any type of dead or decaying material. This includes wood, wood pulp, debris, and occasionally insect parts. If the construction area is properly treated, the termites will stay away from the area. 

Why Yuma Pest Can Help To Keep Your Construction Site Termite Free

Preventing termite infestations before they start is what Yuma Pest has been doing since 1992. We’re proud to have gained our customer’s trust and loyalty throughout the years. 

Our highly trained office staff is happy to answer any questions and set up pest inspections for you. Our trained pest control technicians will take over, coming out to inspect the area and help you make the best pest prevention plan. 

In the Yuma, Arizona area, contact Team Yuma Pest today to get started.

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