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Will Rodents Be a Problem This Winter?

While it would be nice to say that rodents are more active in one part of the year than another, it would be more appropriate to say that you will probably see more rodents in the colder months versus the warmer. Rodents are like many other mammals that seek warmth from the frigid outdoors. Unlike most mammals, rodents don’t hibernate. So, if you let them, they will instantly make themselves at home where they shouldn’t. 

Rodent Season

Rodent season refers to the time of year when vermin seek shelter to survive until the following spring. They usually sniff out ways to enter your home through small gaps in your foundation, windows or doorways. Because rodents are small animals, they don’t need too much space to set up camp. As soon as the ice thaws and temperatures begin to increase, you can be sure that all vermin will return to their burrows outdoors. Nature will be taking its course and all of their necessities will be back lively from March to late October. 

Ways To Minimize Rodent Entry Into Your Home

Keeping your yard and garage free of debris and clutter will help to minimize the chances of a nest being near you; again, because they are small animals, hiding in debris keeps them and their offspring safe from predators. With food being scarce in the winter, they’re willing to do what it takes to survive even if it means eating out your dumpster or compost. It is imperative that when eating or spilling food in your home, you clean it up as soon as possible. Their strong sense of smell will immediately attract them to your mess. Securing your dry goods such as bread, pet food and grains in airtight containers - preferably metal or glass, will help drastically. Sweeping beneath hard-to-reach places like under the fridge and behind the toaster will go a long way in preventing a rodent infestation. Using repellents, chemical or natural, will serve as a deterrent due to their smell and their sensitivity to such. A clean house is the best way to go and there are several options to choose from to get there.

Noticing Rodent Activity

If you notice rodent feces that appear as dark brown grain droppings or shreds of chewed-up paper/electrical wires, you probably have some unwelcome visitors. Rodents will take refuge in your attic, basement, garage, walls, storage space and anywhere else dark and warm. Calling your local pest control can be sure to keep your house free of damage and disease. These mammals are intelligent and will only be eradicated with professional help. Yuma Pest Service offers commercial and residential services at a great cost leaving you with peace of mind. Get a quote today to be safer tomorrow. 

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