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Very pleased with the service I receive each month. Always on time and does a great job.

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Dateland, AZ Pest Control

The hot weather of Dateland, as with the rest of Arizona, makes it ideal for a number of insects. Farmers, for example, have to contend with aphids and caterpillars while home and business owners might find their property being eaten away by desert subterranean termites. In fact, Arizona and California lie on top of a termite belt.

Pests can cause property damage, contaminate food, bite the occupants and bring parasites with them. It's imperative, then, for property owners to have a pest control service they can depend on to both eliminate pests and prevent them from returning. This is where Yuma Pest comes in. Below are just a few of our specialties.

Residential Pest Control

Homeowners can be faced with everything from ants and roaches to termites and rodents. With us providing monthly or quarterly pest control, you'll be able to protect yourself and your family from these and other unwelcome inhabitants. Our services come with a warranty that remains in place until the following visit.

Commercial Pest Control

Our company can treat pests in apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, supermarkets, office buildings, and so many other commercial properties. We know how important it is for you to keep your employees and clients safe, so our technicians will be meticulous in all they do. Preventative treatment plans are available, too, and this goes for both our residential and our commercial customers.

Termite Control

Subterranean termites feed on wet or decayed wood that's in contact with moist soil, and from there they can move up to other structures. If left alone, they may hollow out your walls and eventually reach your attic.

There are two ways we can eliminate termites. One is to dig a trench around the home and inject a liquid termiticide, which acts as a barrier against the underground colony and kills off any termites above ground since they will be cut off from the moist soil they need to survive. Another is to set up bait systems filled with poisoned bait. We'll help you weigh the cost of each.

Pigeon Control

Pigeons can cause properties to decay more rapidly through their droppings, kill off vegetation, contaminate food and spread parasites like fleas and ticks. Their droppings can carry a fungus called histoplasma, which, if inhaled, can cause respiratory issues.

Rather than try to scare them away with colored flags or noise-making devices, you can trust us for professionally made pigeon exclusion materials, including spikes and netting. In addition, you can have us clean up food sources and restrict access to them. Integrated pest management defines our approach to pigeon control.

We can treat homes and businesses that are also infested with any of the following:

Opening in 1992, Yuma Pest continues to provide high-quality pest control through certified and state-licensed technicians. The Yuma Sun has bestowed the Yuma's Best award on us multiple times in recognition of our service. Call us today to schedule an inspection, and we'll afterwards give you a free estimate on the necessary treatment.

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