Located just outside of Yuma, Growler is a very small and tight-knit community. Many pests can and do survive the harsh environment of our state and can cause a lot of headaches for new and seasoned homeowners alike. At Yuma Pest, we have decades of experience identifying and treating pests in the Growler area. Take a look at our menu of services and find out why Yuma Pest is the best pest control service in Arizona.   

Pest Control in Growler

Many pests call Growler home. In addition to being nuisances, pests can also transmit disease, damage property, and cause physical harm to homeowners and businesses. Yuma Pest offers effective pest control services for bed bugs, pigeons, termites, and other pests.

Termite Control for Growler Properties

Termites are among one of the most destructive pests in Growler. Termites damage over half a million homes every year, causing over five billion dollars in property damage. Here in Arizona, there are four common types of termites that can damage your home. .

  • Drywood Termites
  • Desert Dampwood Termites
  • Arid Subterranean Termites
  • Desert Drywood Termites

An exterminator can help if you have a termite infestation before too much damage is done. At Yuma Pest, our customized termite treatment program will be able to identify and eliminate termites in your home. 

Bed Bug Control in Growler

A bed bug is a small, oval-shaped insect that feeds on the blood of humans and animals. As adults, bed bugs have a flat shape and are the size and shape of watermelon seeds. Despite the fact that bed bugs cannot fly, they are capable of moving rather quickly over flat surfaces. It is common for bed bugs to enter your home unnoticed through furniture, clothing, luggage, and even through neighboring apartments.

In the event that bed bugs have infested our home, they can be extremely difficult to control. Attempting to eliminate bed bugs on your own can take weeks or even months of constant cleaning. In the event of a bed bug infestation, it is recommended that you contact a residential pest service.  It is possible that you are unaware of the problem until you look for the signs. At Yuma Pest we utilize integrated pest management practices and environmentally friendly solutions to control and eliminate bed bugs in your home. 

HVAC Services for Growler

In order to survive comfortably in our hot summers, a functioning HVAC system is a must. Yuma Pest’s HVAC professionals are capable of working on all brands and models of heating and cooling equipment. It is our policy to arrive on time and ensure that everything is functioning properly before leaving. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied and comfortable in their homes.

Our HVAC Services:

  • Air Conditioning Installation and Repair
  • Heating System Installation and Repair
  • Indoor Air Quality Control
  • HVAC Services
  • Preventative Maintenance

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating’s skilled technicians are capable of dealing with all aspects of air conditioning services including:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Replacements
  • Installations

Construction Pre-Treatment for new Growler Buildings

One of the biggest investments you will ever make is the purchase of a home or the establishment of a business. However, it is important to take the proper safety measures when building a home or business, especially in our state where the threat of termite infestations is so high. New home pest control is a must in Growler if you want your homes to be secure from wood-damaging pests. That is why it is so important to get preventative pre-construction termite treatment to protect your investment. Not only is it a good idea, but pre-construction pest control is also required by law here in Arizona. 

Our termite pre-treatment focuses on two main areas of the building:

Soil Treatment: We pretreat the soil before concrete is poured.  

Wood Treatment: We treat the wood studs and beams of the structure..

Get The Best Pest Control In Growler

The professionals at Yuma Pest have been providing the Growler and surrounding area with pest control services for over 20 years. If you are experiencing a pest infestation that seems out of control, don’t worry. The experienced team at Yuma Pest can handle any problem, big or small, and get you your home back. Call us today at (928)-202-3648 or leave a message on our site.