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Good visit. Technition was very pleasant and courteous and quickly treated my house inside and out.

Jerry H., Wellton, AZ

With a population of nearly 3,000 residents, Wellton, AZ is a small town that anyone who loves spending time outdoors would like to call home. Those who live here would not want to be anywhere else, and they are thrilled with the small-town appeal and warm, sunny weather.

The climate of Wellton, however, also creates the perfect environment for termites, bed bugs, rodents and a range of other annoying pests. If you live or work in the area and want to protect yourself from common invaders, learning as much about them as you can is a good start. You should also discover how to spot the red flags if you want to address pest problems before they spiral out of control.

Termite Control

Taking a look at termites and what you can expect when they strike is a wise move when your goal is to safeguard yourself from the invaders. Termites can crawl underground or fly through the air when they want to get inside your home or office, and they will promptly get to work consuming your wooden walls and floors. Not stopping them during the early stages is asking for trouble, and you could face structural damage if you are not careful. Getting rid of termites is easy when you reach out to our team and let us take care of them.

Bed Bug Control

You can encounter many pests in Wellton, but most people consider bed bugs the worst. Although they don't spread diseases to humans, their bites can leave red marks and skin irritation behind. Those who get bit by bedbugs usually show the symptoms for a few days, but not everyone has visible symptoms.

Being resistant to most pesticides and at-home solutions makes bed bugs hard to manage without help, and you don't want to face these pests alone. Our team will have your back as soon as you reach out to us, and we will eliminate your bed bugs before you know it. Since we understand how painful facing these pests can be, we won't waste time when it comes to taking action.

Rodent and Gopher Control

If you have noticed rodents in your home or gophers in your yard, the time to act is now. These pests will spread before you know it if you don't take fast action to prevent them from getting the upper hand. Rodents inside your home can get into and taint your food, but that is not all. They can even chew on your wires, creating a fire hazard you can't ignore. When gophers get onto your property, they can destroy your lawn and damage your garden, but they can even harm house pets if you fail to contain them.

Yuma Pest

No matter the type of pest that has been bothering you, Yuma Pest can help you reclaim your property without delay. Specializing in integrated pest management, we can do the trick without hurting the environment, you or your pets, giving you peace of mind. Learning about your situation and needs empowers us to create an approach that makes sense for you. We will then contain any pest that tries to overstay its welcome, giving you impressive results.

Our kind, caring team will report to your location and dispatch the pests so that you won't need to worry about them. If you are ready to get started, we invite you to pick up your phone and contact us right away for a free quote.

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