Yuma, AZ Pest Control

Situated near the confluence of the Colorado and Gila rivers in Arizona, Yuma lies just north of the border with Mexico and just east of the border with California. Yuma is famous for its extreme weather. On average, Yuma has the lowest relative humidity, the most hours of sunlight, the least precipitation, and the most days of temperatures reaching or exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit of any populated location in the continental United States. However, summer monsoons and occasional tropical storms reaching the Gulf of California can result in heavy precipitation that falls in a relatively short time. Taken together, these weather-related factors make the area ideal for many types of pests that can cause property damage to local homes and business properties or health issues for those who live and work in Yuma. Safe, effective treatments delivered by Yuma Pest can help you control the pests seeking to invade your home or place of business.

Pest Control — Commercial and Residential

There are many different pests that can invade any home or business in Yuma. Some of these pests can spread diseases, and some pests can inject venom when they bite or sting. When pests invade a home, they can make the occupants uncomfortable or adversely affect their health. When pests invade a commercial establishment, customers may choose to take their business elsewhere, and serious infestations could result in penalties levied by the health department, including fines and the closure of the business. Yuma Pest offers safe, effective treatment plans for homes, restaurants, apartment complexes, food processing facilities, supermarkets, hotels, schools, retailers, offices and other residential and commercial buildings in the greater Yuma area.

Termite Control in Yuma

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion of damage in the United States every year, and there is no structure in Yuma that is completely immune to an attack by these highly destructive pests. It may seem amazing that a pest as tiny as a termite can inflict so much damage. The power of termites lies in numbers; each colony can have millions of members attacking the wood in a building. Termites have even been known to attack the wood inside a structure, including wood floors, trim pieces and furniture. Unfortunately, termite colonies can often inflict major damage before property owners become aware of the infestation. Once an infestation is suspected, the next step should be to identify the type of termite present. There are five different types of termites that can be found in the Yuma area, but the professionals at Yuma Pest know how to identify each type and tailor an appropriate treatment.

Pigeon Control in Yuma

Many people consider pigeons to be little more than an annoyance, but when they infest a business or home in Yuma, they can cause serious problems. Pigeons are scavengers that carry a variety of parasites, including ticks, mites and fleas. Their droppings can kill vegetation, spread a fungal disease, and accelerate the deterioration of stucco, asphalt shingles, concrete and other building materials. Pigeons have become so used to urban settings that most methods of controlling other types of bird infestations are ineffective against them. Multiple techniques may need to be employed to control pigeons, and Yuma Pest knows how and when to use each technique.

I would not recommend any other pest control service but Yuma Pest. Our service technician is absolutely a professional in all his duties. The office staff are curtious, friendly and responsive.

Dianne G. – Yuma, AZ

Pests We Treat

At Yuma Pest, we offer a variety of treatment plans for a wide range of pests. The pests we treat include those appearing on the following list.

The friendly, professional staff members at Yuma Pest have extensive experience in the industry, and our technicians are state-licensed and certified. We can provide you with a customized treatment plan that matches your specific needs. You can contact us through our website or by giving us a call to receive a free quote.