Quality Pest Control Services in Yuma, AZ

Since 1999, Yuma Pest has been providing quality termite and pest control services to businesses and homes. We are committed to providing our customers with effective, cost-efficient professional services. Our licensed and certified technicians provide a quality of service that is second to none. Schedule your appointment today!

How to Protect Your Investment

Buying a home or starting a business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. These are great investments that will provide a safe haven and security. It is important to protect them from insects and rodents. Regular pest control services will help protect your family, employees, and customers from disease carrying pests.

Are You Aware

Did you realize termites alone, cause more structural damage annually than the combination of storms, fires, and natural disasters? Or that many homeowners insurance does not cover damage from termites.

Termite infestation is a very real problem throughout Arizona communities. These colonies, when left untreated, tend to destroy framing and threatening the integrity of your structure. We are trained and equipped to treat and eliminate any size termite colony.

What’s The Solution

Applying a proactive approach before any problem exists if the best solution. Regular maintenance sessions will protect your home or business from these pests. You can depend on our team to develop a treatment plan based on our findings and specific for your needs. You can choose weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly sessions to guarantee continued protection.

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