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Fun Facts About Termites


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Even though termites are small insects, they can be very destructive if you don’t get the problem under control as soon as possible. Because of their size, termites can easily get into walls and other areas that are difficult for other types of pests to enter. If you notice any signs of weak wood or see any termites on the floor or any discarded wings, then it’s a good idea to contact a pest control company like Yuma Pest to treat the home.

Although wood is the first choice of food for termites, they do enjoy consuming other materials. Termites like certain kinds of plants and some fabrics. They can also eat through wallpaper and plastic if the materials stand between them and wood.

The More You Know

Wings on termites are only temporary. Once the pests fly from their nest, usually in the spring when they are mating, the wings fall off. This is also when many termites die because they usually interact with the sun at this point, and termites normally don’t live long in bright lights like the sun. Many termites work 24 hours a day. They build tunnels and nests all the time, even though they are quiet and not easily heard in the home.

Large colonies can eat about two pounds of wood a day. This might seem like a lot for such a small insect, but it often takes months or years before you might notice any kind of damage from the termites in the home. You’ll usually begin seeing weakened areas where one wall meets another or in areas that aren’t built as soundly as other parts of the home. Termites can weaken a structure because they eat in a tunnel-like manner instead of eating straight through a piece of wood or a wall. They build tunnels as a way to burrow, especially when they are underground. Some tunnels that are made by termites can be several feet long. The queen of the nest can live for about 20 years while the other termites in the colony only live for about two or three years at most.

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