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How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Your Home


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Bed bugs are an undesirable pest that can affect any home, hotel room, shelter, student residence or other space inhabited by people.

The spread of this parasitic insect occurs due to the increase in intercontinental travel vessels that transport infected material from one part of the world to another.

Bed Bugs can Infect Everything

People frequently relate the infestation of houses by bed bugs with the level of organization or cleanliness of the house, or with the hygienic habits of its residents. In truth, bed bugs can infest any area where we live and spend the night, as they have an amazing capacity for reproduction and adaptation.

 These insects feed on our blood, and to do so, they enter your house in different ways including sticking onto clothing or shoes, hiding inside bags, boxes, suitcases, furniture or second-hand clothing or being transported through electrical conduits from your neighbor’s infested home.

From the Hotel to Your Home

Bed bugs often get transported in suitcases or backpacks that are used when you travel and stay in bug-infested rooms during your vacation. One way to prevent this situation is to check the sheets, pillows, bedding and furniture near the bed in the room for bed bugs or signs of infestation. It is also crucial to not leave bags, suitcases and backpacks on the bed or floor. Check them carefully before leaving the room to ensure you do not bring them home with you.

What Should You do When They are at Your Home?

When you discover that bed bugs have come into your home, do not try to eliminate them with DIY methods. It is better to consult the experts. Do not use household insecticides, as they have many drawbacks. The toxicity and environmental problems of these insecticides, plus the ability of certain bed bugs to develop resistance to them, makes their control and eradication even more difficult.

Furthermore, using household insecticides can be dangerous and further spread the pest. Leave the problem in the hands of a company that specializes in bed bug control.

The best choice is that you ask the professionals of Yuma Pest for help. If you have bed bug problems in your home, contact Yuma Pest today!

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