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3 Pest Prevention Tips Before Spring


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Spring awakens the rodents, scorpions and all manner of creepy-crawly bugs here in Arizona. Do not let them ruin the beauty of the season for you. Start taking preventative measures now with these tips before spring is in full swing.

1. Seal Entries to Your House

Pest prevention begins with making it as difficult as possible for them to enter your home. Block off every entry point to your house, and greatly reduce the chances of infestations.

This list denotes various actions to block off common places that creatures like spiders and scorpions may use to gain access.

  • Add weather stripping to doorways (the whole doorway, not just the bottom).
  • Check screens for windows and doors for holes.
  • Use caulking to seal up cracks and seams.
  • Use caulking to seal up holes for pipes.
  • Check the roof and the eaves to block access points to the attic.
  • Add screens to the chimney and vents for air conditioning.
  • Check the ground level for access to your basement/crawl space for holes

Your home is your castle, and like the castles of the medieval days, redundancies make for excellent defense.

2. Apply Insecticide Granules

Let’s look at defenses outside your home. Create the first layer of defense by disseminating insecticide granules via a drop spreader. Use the spreader to create a barrier that is one yard wide and runs the whole perimeter of your home.

Make sure that the granules you buy will not easily be washed away by water. 

This does not protect against flying insects. Termite workers and soldiers crawl, but new kings and queens have wings.

3. Clean Up

You have denied entry and left a dangerous barrier to cross. Give them no reason to consider your house by cleaning up both inside and outside.

Seal and store any food items, pet food as well. Get rid of old food containers and clean places where food residue collects, like garbage cans and recycling bins.

Dispose of piles of wood from past projects or yard waste such as grass clippings and branches. This is the perfect environment for pests like rats and scorpions to live.

A clean and tidy home attracts far fewer pests.

Hire a Pest Control Company Near You 

We hope these tips have been helpful to get you started. If you cannot easily get to places for proper pest prevention or require any further assistance, contact Yuma Pest. One of our excellent extermination experts would love to help you defend your home.

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