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Arizona Holiday Pest Control Tips


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In Arizona, the weather triggers outdoor creatures to actively seek out food, water and shelter. That’s why you can’t overlook all bugs and rodents. Your home and place of business will always be at risk of developing an infestation problem, but you can minimize the threat by putting these tried-and-true tips to good use:

Stay on Top of Your Cleaning Duties

Most pests don’t care about clutter or filth. They will invade a spick-and-span building if given a chance. However, if you tidy up the indoor environment and take good care of the yard that surrounds your home, you’ll reduce the possibility of a terrible infestation. This is the case because your actions will help to eliminate pheromones, common attractants and potential nesting sites. Therefore, you should take the time to clean up several times per week. Focus your attention on the pantry, the basement and the garage because these three areas are well-loved by spiders, rats, termites and other creatures. Keep in mind that critters urinate and defecate just like you and your beloved pet. Wear gloves and a mask while cleaning up any waste, and remember to use a disinfectant to kill any bacteria.

Examine Stored Boxes and Festive Trinkets Outdoors

All types of nuisance insects can be hiding inside the boxes that contain your holiday accessories. If you don’t want to bring unwanted visitors into your home, closely examine every box while you’re outside. Alternatively, you can put the items you want into another container so that you can throw away the boxes that may be harboring spiders, bedbugs and eggs.

Protect Firewood and Seal Potential Entry Points

It’s not wise to keep firewood near your home, especially if it’s going to be in contact with soil. Termites live underneath that soft layer of earth, and they will certainly continue to build their colony inside the firewood. Other insects will make use of the wood as well, so we suggest you move it to a new location. A raised structure made of concrete will suffice.

After you get done with inspecting the wood, check your home for cracks. Biting bugs and destructive rodents can easily exploit hard-to-reach openings. Luckily, they won’t have a chance to do so if you quickly find and seal the potential entry points. Use caulk to fill the gaps in window frames. Apply weather stripping to doors. For any holes that you discover in your home’s foundation, you can either use caulk and hardware cloth or a metal lath. After you’ve taken these precautionary measures, your home will be less vulnerable to pest infestations. Plus, you can call the seasoned exterminators at Yuma Pest to get a long-term solution.

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