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Why You May Find Spiders in Your Home in Winter


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As the mercury plunges, you may be seeing more spiders than usual in your home. Many can be found near sources of water, such as the shower or sink, but they can be anywhere else in the home. Why are there more spiders during the winter? They are hunting for food, and the pests that live in your home are a food source for them.

You may love your warm and cozy house, but so do bugs in your house!

Warmer Temperatures

Invertebrates, including spiders, are cold blooded. This means that as the air and soil temperatures drop, so does their metabolism. Freezing temperatures can cause their blood to form ice crystals and kill the spiders. Some survive by hiding under the snow cover. This keeps the wind chill off of them.

So why all of the spiders during the winter? Truthfully, they were probably there all along. House spiders are common. They like to live in crawl spaces, attics, and other quiet areas of the home.The spiders that you see probably hatched in the spring and are grown, are most likely out looking for food. Spiders are sexually active in the winter and fall.

Most spiders build nests and do not move much after finding a food source. You can check your pantry and make sure that sources of food that may be attracting insects are sealed. Many spiders feast off of pantry pests and other scraps of food that are left open.

The spiders you see in your home during the winter, even the larger ones, have likely been hiding there all year. Experts say about 5% of the spiders you see indoors came into your home from the outside.

House spiders generally colonize homes with egg sacs that are carried in the home. These can be found on furniture, boxes, and other items. Homeowners can help to prevent spiders by wiping down furniture and clearing clutter. Spiders also may be coming in through the garage. Other common hiding spaces are the garden and the shed.

Although spiders try to find shelter, food and warmth; outdoor spiders can survive very extreme temperatures.

If you are noticing spiders, you can contact our team at Yuma Pest to help you today. Visit our website and schedule an appointment. We are the experts in pest removal.

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