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Common Places Rodents Enter Your Home


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After all of the preparation you have done, you might still discover a rodent or two in your home. While holes that you see in the walls and cracks around windows are evident locations for rodents to enter, there are a few other ways that they can get inside that you might not think about. Yuma Pest can use products that are safe for people and pets that will eliminate your rodent problem and keep them away from your home in the future as long as you practice proper maintenance.

A corner post is often used to complete the corners of your home. These are also areas that might be hollow and that might not have as much support as the walls or the other connections of the home, making it easy for rodents to move the material to get inside the house. There are sometimes gaps between pieces of siding, giving the ideal opportunity for small rodents to sneak inside.

Know How to Keep Rodents Out

The foundation of your home is an easy way for many rodents to make their way inside. They can find cracks that you might not know about or get through some of the rubble of the foundation, especially if it’s an older home or one that is made in a stacked fashion. If you have an attached garage, then this is a common way for rodents to get inside your home. They can sneak in when the connecting door is open or get in through cracks in the walls that connect the garage to the home. If there is any kind of space between doors and the floor, rodents can get inside the home. As long as there is enough space for most rodents to get their head inside, they can often wriggle the rest of the body to get through the space. Cellar doors that are on the outside of the home that leads to a cellar or basement offer an easy access for rodents. They can then find spaces to crawl through once they are in these areas to get inside the home. When you see any kind of rodent, there are a few methods that you can use to get rid of them, but a professional company often has stronger products and different traps to use to eliminate and prevent rodents.

Contact Yuma Pest if you suspect rodents are living in your home. Our team of rodent control professionals would be more than happy to help rid these pests from your home or business!

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