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Five Reasons You Should Hire a Pest Control Professional


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If you enjoy DIY projects, then you might be considering handling your own pest control. First, consider these five reasons why you should hire a professional instead of handling it yourself.

Safety First

Pests bring with them a variety of risks and dangers. If you try to handle stinging insects on your own, you may discover too late that you are allergic to insect bites. Many bugs such as roaches and mites create allergens simply by living and reproducing in your home. If not handled properly, those allergens could make your entire family sick. Consider the dangers of climbing trees or ladders to get to the source of the problem. Using store-bought pesticides can endanger the health of children and pets. Professionals have multiple solutions available to them, and pesticide is often the last resort.

Knowledge is Power

You can surf the internet and learn a lot about the pest you are dealing with. However, professionals constantly study and stay up-to-date on the latest pest solutions. They know where to find the nests and what solution to apply. They also know how often to reapply those treatments to prevent re-infestation later.

Right Tools for the Job

When a certified and licensed technician comes to your home, they will bring all the right tools for the job. You will save money on buying equipment and pesticides. The professionals have products that are not available to the general public. Often, they don’t even need to use a chemical pesticide. Our team uses integrated pest management practices that are safe for the environment, people and pets.

Prevent Costly Damage

The right professional pest control company will be able to discover the source of the problem and remove it before it gets out of hand. Did you know that termites alone cause more structural damage annually than the combination of storms, fires, and natural disasters? Or that many homeowner’s insurances do not cover damage from termites? Don’t risk the integrity of your home by trying to eliminate termites on your own.

Peace of Mind

Sure, you may be able to tackle a small pest problem on your own. But if it starts to feel like more than you can handle, call in the experts. You and your family will rest easier knowing that the professionals are on the job.

Don’t risk your family’s health, safety and home if you have a pest dilemma. Contact the professionals at Yuma Pest and let them exterminate the problem.

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