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Pest Control for New Homeowners


As a new homeowner, you have a lot of new responsibilities to take on. Whether you have been a homeowner in the past or were renting before, you are in the process of moving into an entirely new home. That means getting used to the home, the property, the process of taking care of it, and unfortunately, the pests as well.

The last thing that any new homeowner wants to deal with when they move in is a pest infestation. To help prevent a pest problem from happening in the future or to get your current pest situation under control, here are some pest control tips for new homeowners.

Deep Cleaning

Make sure that you keep your house as clean as possible, and deep clean your house before you move in, if you can. Before you even start moving into your home, if you can, make sure that you do a deep cleaning of as many rooms and areas of the house as possible. The reason we recommend deep cleaning before you start moving things in is that it is far easier and faster to clean an empty room than one that’s filled with furniture.

Clean the Outside of Your Home

Pests love to hide in piles of debris in the yard, especially when it comes to piles of old wood, leaves, and sticks. If these piles of debris are close to your house or touching your house, it can be a breeding ground and a gateway for pests to get in. Make sure that you move branches, brush, leaves, and debris away from your home, and dispose of them accordingly.

Remove Standing Water

If you have any leaks in piping around your house, standing water can be a huge problem for pests. Make sure that you fix any leaks you may have around your home and remove standing water, as this can be another breeding ground for pests.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Take a walk around the inside and outside of your new home to look for any cracks or openings that pests may be able to creep in. All they need is the slightest crack in a door or window to be able to sneak into your home.


If you think you may have a pest problem at your new home, contact us today.

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