If you have spotted bed bugs on your property and want to do something before it’s too late, you are likely wondering what path will get the job done. Bed bugs are tiny insects that will get into your home or place of business without detection if you don’t know the signs for which you should look.

Hiding during the day, they come out at night to feed on your blood. The carbon dioxide from your breath and your body heat are what attract the pests, and they won’t have any trouble finding you when they are nearby. Since they are immune to a lot of at-home solutions, turning to a trusted expert is the only safe bet when bed bugs strike, and doing so can provide you with impressive results.

Bed Bugs in Homes

Stress and confusion are what many people experience once they discover a bed bug infestation in their home. They often start with products from the store to kill the invaders, but that approach is rarely successful. The pests can leave red marks and fecal matter on your mattress after they feed, which is not a pleasant sight.

Bed bugs don’t spread known diseases to humans or pets, but they can cause mental pain and discomfort when they arrive and refuse to leave. In your mattress, behind your walls and under your carpet are a few places in which bed bugs like to hide so that they remain out of sight. Inability to contain the threat will only give the pests more time to spread, so you can’t afford to waste time.

Bed Bugs in Businesses

If you run a business and bed bugs decide to invade, you will have a serious problem on your hands. In addition to the issues homeowners face, you will also risk losing your reputation if your customers discover the infestation. Nobody wants to go into a building that has bed bugs, causing you to lose customers and leave money on the table. One online review is all that it takes to damage your bottom line. You might try to handle the situation without getting professional help so that you can save money, but not doing the job right the first time costs much more over the long run.

Bed Bug Prevention

Despite bed bugs being resilient and resourceful parasites, you can take a few steps to prevent an infestation, and following the right path reduces your odds of getting bed bugs and gives you peace of mind. Since bed bugs need to get into your bed to get their meal, placing traps on the legs of your bed is one way to protect yourself. Also, looking at the trap can help you decide if you have a problem that you need to address. If you are going on vacation and don’t want to bring the invaders back home with you, put your clothes in a trash bag and dry them as soon as you return.

Yuma Pest

No matter how hard you try, you can never eliminate the possibility of getting bed bugs. Once they get into your home or business and establish a nest, solving the issue is next to impossible when you work alone. Rather than letting the problem get even worse, contact Yuma Pest right away. Using integrated pest management practices and environmentally friendly solutions, we will get rid of your bed bugs and help you regain peace of mind. You can call us if you are ready to start or have any questions, and we will point you in the right direction.