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How to Prevent Getting a Tick Bite

Tick season is upon us. They're out in force, searching for the blood of mammals, birds and humans. 

Most of the time they find deer and rodents. Unfortunately, ticks aren’t picky eaters. They will bite whatever they can find, and if they get a taste for human blood, they'll come back for more. 

Here at Yuma Pest and Termite Systems, we often field lots of questions about tick bites.

Here's how to prevent getting a tick bite.

What is a Tick?

A tick is a tiny insect that feeds on the blood of other animals. Ticks are found all across the world, but they are most common in wet, temperate regions. They are also carriers of Lyme disease and other viruses.

Ticks are capable of surviving for several years on the bodies of domestic animals like dogs and cats.

How to Prevent a Tick Bite

If you are out in an area where you are likely to encounter a tick, here are some ways to prevent a bite: 

Keep it Light

Ticks usually attach to dark areas. So, wear light-colored protective clothing when you are going in areas with lots of ticks and try to protect as much of your skin as possible. 

If you do find one on your body, use fine-tipped tweezers to grab the tick as close to the skin as possible. Then remove it, as quickly and gently as possible.

Smell Like a Bouquet

Certain fragrances that smell great to humans are absolutely hated by ticks. Try spraying on fragrances citronella, lemongrass and citrus-related scents. 

Body soaps containing peppermint and lavender are especially effective at repelling ticks. 

Clear the Clutter Around Your Common Areas

Ticks hate direct sunlight. Clean up areas around your home or business yard. Ticks love to stay under old leaves and rotting wood, so do not neglect to check these areas.

Check Your Furry Friends

Always remember to check your pets for ticks regularly. This is especially important for pets that are allowed outside. 

Pat your pet down and check through their fur. Go all the way down to the skin to search for unwanted bugs. 

Our highly trained technicians are more than happy to perform a pest inspection for you. They know when and where to look for pests like ticks.

Why Yuma Pest and Termite Systems can Rid Your Home and Business of Ticks

We know we do an excellent job of pest control because our many customers always let us know about it. We’ve been in business since 1992, proudly serving Yuma, Arizona and the surrounding areas. 

Besides getting rid of ticks, our highly-trained technicians and staff can handle any type of pest problem

Contact Yuma  Pest and Termite Systems for a pest inspection and free quote today.

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