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How Wasps Enter Your Home

The spring and summer months bring warm, sunny days filled with beautiful blooms, wonderful smells and new beginnings. It means being able to go outside and enjoy gardening, walking, hiking, reading outside and so many other outdoor leisure activities. Unfortunately, it also means that pests are awakening from their hibernation. Wasps are just one of the many pests that may invade your home this spring. Keep reading to find out how wasps enter homes and how you can prevent them from ending up in yours. 

Windows and Doors

Leaving your windows and doors opened is one of the easiest ways for wasps to invade your space. During the spring and summer, wasps tend to build their nests by a front door. Each time you go in or out of your home, you risk letting them inside—even if you have screens in place. Rips, tears or holes in your screendoor provide the perfect opportunity for entrance for these winged pests. Cracks around the windows and doors are another way for them to enter. This is why it’s important to weatherstrip any gaps that you find in or around your home. 

Attic Space

Wasps will build their nests in your attic space, as your attic offers protection from the elements and freedom from disturbance. They typically enter through vents or large gaps. If your attic vent is not sealed, or if it does not seal properly, then don’t be surprised if you find a wasp’s nest in a ceiling corner one of these days. 

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Much like an attic vent, bathroom exhaust fans offer an entryway into your home. These exhausts vent directly outside in most cases, making it easy for wasps to find a way in. Your vents should have a duct that allows a flap cover to keep pesky intruders out. Unfortunately, these covers tend to break off or debris will prevent the flap from closing properly. 

Porch Overhangs

Wasps like building their nests under eaves, overhangs or porch ceilings. These provide the perfect areas of protection. If a nest is removed from your property, it is unlikely that the wasps will return to it the following year. However, the queen will search throughout the year for a warm, dry place to hibernate. 

Wasp infestations can be difficult and scary to handle on your own. Instead of putting you and your family in danger, let the pest control experts take care of it. Contact Yuma Pest for a consultation today!

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