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How Clutter Can Attract Pests


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If you’re like most people, your home can likely use some cleaning. For everyone, it’s far too easy to accumulate clutter, and that can be a problem for a few reasons. First, depending on the severity of the situation, it can be almost impossible to find anything you need. Second, it can be a breeding ground for household pests.

Today we want to share the potential dangers of clutter and what you can do about it. No one wants to share a living space with pests, so be sure to take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Why Pests Love Clutter

Having stuff all over the place can be an annoyance for us, but it’s a haven for small bugs and critters. Wherever there is clutter, there is a potential home for some unwanted guests. Typically speaking, clutter is desirable for pests because it provides shelter. In some cases, it may even provide food, depending on the kind of mess you’ve accumulated.

Which Pests Love Clutter?

Although there are quite a few animals that want to call your space home, some of them love clutter more than others. For the most part, these critters are going to appreciate your piles of stuff the most.

  • Rats and Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs

Usually, insects like ants or termites won’t get much use out of your stuff, since they like to create their own living spaces out of dirt or wood. Spiders can also take shelter in your clutter, using it as protection for laying eggs.

Which Clutter is the Worst?

It’s easy to assume that any pileup of stuff can be a magnet for pests, but don’t start cleaning all of your shelves and countertops at once. Some clutter areas are going to be better for bugs and rodents than others, so be strategic about how you address the problem.

  • Piles of Clothes – if you move the clothes regularly and wash them, then a pile sitting for a few days won’t be a problem (or else your laundry bag would be crawling with pests). However, if the clothes stay for a few weeks or more, rodents will be more than happy using them as nesting material.
  • Piles of Trash – hopefully, you don’t keep trash in the house for extended periods. However, even leaving out food bags and other containers for a couple of days can attract pests. As a rule, the more food is available, the more pests you’ll have.
  • Piles of Cardboard/Paper – rodents love using paper and cardboard for nests, as do cockroaches. Try to keep these items out of your home as much as possible. Corrugated cardboard is like a roach resort with built-in nesting holes.

What to Do About Your Clutter

As you can imagine, cleaning your home more regularly is going to solve the problem quickly. Garbage and food should be the priority, but any piles of clutter that stay in place for weeks or months at a time can be shelters for pests.

If you’re cleaning your home and you find an infestation, be sure to contact Yuma Pest Control. We will come out and eradicate those critters as quickly as possible. Contact Yuma Pest today to find out more.

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