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Rodent Control: What You Need to Know


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While small rodents look harmless, they can actually cause more damage than you can fathom. Between property damages, foul smells and diseases, you do not want any mice or rats to seek shelter in your home. 

If you have these pests or are trying to prevent them from coming inside, you need to learn more information about rats and mice. In this practical guide, you will learn everything you need to know about rodent control.

Rodent Signs

Besides seeing these pests, you must know the ways to determine whether or not you have rodents. These unwanted guests like to shred papers, towels and trash. If you notice tiny piles of torn items, that’s the first sign of rodents. 

Mice and rats also give off a foul odor. Many people claim that rodents smell like ammonia or urine. If you notice shredded objects as well as a horrible stench, then you most likely have rodents. 

Hiding Places

During your process of learning about rodent control, you also need to know where rats and mice like to hide. In general, they prefer small, dark places near food. 

In the winter, rodents prefer warm areas with loads of clutter. With this in mind, most rats and mice find shelter in boxes, bedding, clothing, attics, basements, holes and other unused areas. 

Preventive Actions

Since rats prefer clutter and messes, the first way to stop them from staying in your home is to have an organized house. Do not leave around heaps of laundry and store your unused items in closed plastic containers. 

Try to refrain from using cardboard boxes. Rodents can chew through cardboard and make a nest inside. Either hire a home service or pest control company or look for any holes or cracks inside and outside your property by yourself. If you or your service company finds any of these, immediately close or fill them. 

Also, store away opened food in cabinets, refrigerators or closed pantries. Rats and mice can detect food sources right away. By cutting off their access or trail to food, they ultimately will not stick around. 

Ways to Get Rid of Rodents

A common way that people rid their homes of rodents is to set up traps. There are tons of both toxic and nontoxic mouse traps on the market. 

If you use toxic mouse traps, you must be careful. Rats and mice can detect different chemicals, especially in a contaminated substance. If they notice the contamination, they will reject it. 

Sometimes everything you try does not work. After unsuccessful attempts, calling pest control is the best way to rid your property of rodents. 

Contact a Rodent Control Service – Yuma Pest

Once you know how to determine rodent signs, hiding places, preventative measures and how to get rid of them, you can keep your property rat and mice-free.  If you have a rodent infestation in your home, call the best rodent control service in Arizona, Yuma Pest. For more information on how Yuma Pest can help you keep pests away from your Arizona home, contact us today. 

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