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How a Professional Will Treat for Termites


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There’s no insect that strikes fear into the heart of homeowners quite like the humble termite. As small as they may be, these insects have the potential to cause massive amounts of damage and cost thousands of dollars if not found and treated right away.

Because of this excessive cost, many homeowners consider tackling termite treatments on their own. The problem with this approach, though, is that the average layman simply doesn’t have the tools or knowledge necessary to effectively treat a termite infestation. What’s the difference? Here’s how a professional handles termites.


Professionals have a number of tools at their disposal to prevent termite instances from ever occurring. These preventative measures are often foams and sprays that can make your home seem unattractive to the average termites, causing them to steer clear of the house entirely. Should the termites still make it into the house, however, preventative measures end, and proper treatment has to begin.


The first step a professional will take at this point is to determine the type and size of the infestation. There are actually several different types of termites, and knowing which type is the problem and the size of the infestation is crucial to formulating a plan of attack to combat the crisis. Depending on these factors, the professional might decide on a number of actions.


For mild cases, bait systems can often do the trick. These bait systems are usually set up around the perimeter of the house and lure the termites outside, where they collect the poison and bring it back to the colony. The termites think the poison is food and eat it, killing off the entire colony. The various types of termites and colonies react to baits differently, so having a variety of baiting systems available is an important tool in the professional’s arsenal.


Another method to deal with mild cases is by spraying. When termites are inside walls, for example, a series of sprays applied strategically throughout the area of a room can often be applied to kill the infestation without having to disrupt the entire house. Knowing how and where to spray is something that comes only through training and experience.


In more extreme cases, a house might need to be fumigated. This method involves tenting the entire house and applying a poison that affects an entire area. Simply put, there’s no way a homeowner can handle this sort of treatment on his or her own, which is where the knowledge and tools of a professional are most on display.

As you can see, handling a termite infestation requires a professional’s level of knowledge and equipment, both for prevention and treatment. If you would like to talk to a professional about the prevention or treatment of termites in your own home, please contact us at Team Yuma Pest today.

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