Like rodents, gophers can become a major source of frustration for homes and businesses. Once these animals take refuge on your property, they will be extremely difficult to remove. Using an integrated pest management system will give you an extra peace of mind. This concept involves identifying the specific pest, removing it, and then monitoring for long-term prevention. Let’s take a look at how rodents and gophers can cause problems.


Rodents are among the most worrisome pests in the area. The house mouse, roof rat, and Norway rat can all wreak havoc. Not only are these critters known for creating an unsanitary environment, but they can also cause a great deal of property damage with their sharp teeth. Measuring out at around six inches long, the house mouse is the smallest of the bunch. Nevertheless, it can be just as problematic. A house mouse’s small, flexible body enables it to fit into even the tiniest of openings. This is why your dwelling needs to be inspected for holes and cracks on a regular basis.

In order to develop a solid pest management system for rodents, you must have a good understanding of their abilities. Rodents have a highly developed sense of taste, which enables them to detect different types of chemicals. If bait contains a contaminated substance, some rodents will immediately reject it. Because of their intelligence and powerful senses, rodents are often hard to get rid of. Calling an experienced professional is always the best approach.


Often confused with moles, gophers are more troublesome than you may think. A gopher’s powerful front legs and large claws make it perfectly suited for digging. Unsurprisingly, these animals spend most of their life burrowing underground tunnels. If you happen to notice fan-shaped mounds in your yard, a gopher could definitely be the culprit. In contrast to some other pests, gophers are active year-round.

Although you don’t have to worry about gophers coming indoors, they can still cause plenty of property damage. While tunneling through the ground, gophers can destroy plastic water lines and water sprinkler systems. They can also contribute to soil erosion. This is especially bad news for the farmers who have agricultural fields. If you have a garden crop at home, be sure to take the necessary preventive measures to keep away gophers. They love to eat tree roots and vegetables. Although there are several different ways to remove gophers from your property, the use of toxic formulas should be your last option.

Not sure but I think at least 3-4 years we have the service inside and outside we also have gophers service with bee service as well, I like how everyone is so friendly and the office and the people that schedule appointments are on top of things.

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You can always trust Yuma Pest’s highly trained technicians to handle your pest issues. Aside from rodents and gophers, we can also effectively control a wide range of other pests. Yuma Pest takes great pride in using environmentally friendly methods. Be sure to contact Yuma Pest for a free quote on service.